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Wild Grace Community

Location: Varies, see Schedule page for information

Date: First Sunday of every month

Time: 9 - 11 am

Wild Grace Community is based in the Christian tradition—yet without doctrinal or credal statements—that meets in the natural creation. We do not have leaders, clergy, or heirarchy. Our gatherings are informal, but they always include a contemplative time of wandering in our natural surroundings to hear what the Divine has to communicate to us through it.

We usually begin with a time of spiritual reflection which may include music, poetry, sharing, and readings. We can talk about how God was made known to us throughout the preceding month. Then we set out on a walk—a curious wandering, a contemplative pilgrimage—into the natural area in which we're gathered. Then we return together to talk about what we learned. Sometimes we share a meal together in the form of a picnic lunch.

If this description speaks to a longing in your heart, check the Schedule page to see where we'll be next or reach out with questions using the Contact page.

Look for the Grace Growing Wild

By Christopher Eaker, April 2020


Look for the grace growing wild

Along the byways of life

In the alleys and in the gutters

Beneath the rocks and crevices.


The cultivated grace pales under its beauty

The grace packed neatly in boxes

And dispensed in tightly controlled rations.

A sad substitute to the grace we crave.


Look for the grace growing wild.

You’ll find it in the ugly buildings.

You’ll find it in the smelly spaces.

You’ll find it growing everywhere without help.


Regimented grace grows in naves in rows,

Gives a taste but leaves a hole under

The oppression of rules and expectations

Of authority, hierarchy, and books


Look for the grace growing wild.

Sown and grown by the outsiders

Who don’t know a sacrament from a vestment

Their grace spreads like wildfire


Look for the grace growing wild.

There, you’ll find love.

There, you’ll find life.

There, you’ll find Christ.

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