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Preparing for Advent: Receiving an Invitation to the New

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The Annunciation, Henry Tanner, 1897

The online guided meditation, Preparing for Advent, was recorded on November 18, 2021. You can find the recording and download the handout at my collegue Laura Lies's website:

During the Meditation

Using the Gospel reading from Luke 1: 28-31, where the Virgin Mary receives the announcement that she will give birth, we meditated upon the ways the Lord may be inviting us to participate in the “birth” of something new in our own lives. Perhaps it is the arrival of a gift, a project, or an idea to offer your family, your community, or your world.

This session was November 18, 2021, in conjunction with my colleague Laura Lies, a spiritual director with Streams of Grace Spiritual Direction ministry.

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